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New Exclusives


So it looks like we’re filling out the exclusive spots for Fall 2014, since we already have a pretty full and robust selection of main line dolls. (Remember, last Falls exclusives leaked in pretty much the exact same manner from the same type of catalog).

So we have:

We Are Monster High 5-Pack
Introducing a new character, Gilda Goldstag, giving us a new Slo-Mo in pants (and good hair?), plus new versions of Scarah, Cleo & Lagoona. The catalog calls Gilda Treasurer Golda, so I’m wondering if this is just a translation error, or if they changed her name, OR if there’s a possibility that this is a sort of Student Body and Gilda is the treasurer? Time will tell! Considering Target’s always gotten the 5-pack, going to guesstimate that it’s destined as the next Target 5-pack.

Casta is daughter of Circe, the Greek magician and new student of Monster High.

Ghoul Chat/Dead Tired 2-pack!


Before a long week at Monster High, the ghouls are dead tired and they need to take a rest and relax. What good way to do a scary cool pijama party and some Ghoul Chat! Ghoul Friends Forever Catrine De Mew and Rochelle Goyle planned be all night chatting and laughing. The ghouls have pijamas on but they’re not going to sleep in all night!

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