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Normally I don’t post photos of my dolls unless they’re posing for the blog, but I can’t contain my excitement for these two.

Wydowna came first from one of those same day pick-up orders Toys R’us does.  Problem was the only TRU offering her was pretty far out of my way so xigbarf went and fetched her with my receipt in tow. 

I wouldn’t get to touch her for two weeks.

But finally I did, and immediately unboxed her.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there.

A midnight trip of Wal-Mart for costume supplies ended with a waltz down to the toy aisle. And as soon as we turned down the corner, there was a line of Casta.  And I audibly gasped.

So expect these two to join the other spokesmonsters that will haunt this blog in the coming weeks. <3 


This took waaaaay longer then I thought it would, especially seeing how it’s riddled with mistakes. As you know I hate what they did to Duchess, and I really wanted to fix Duchess’s card. I don’t have photoshop or anything like that so I just used what I normally draw with, and just kind of overlapped layers of color and line work. I pretty much edited almost everything. Click for full view.

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